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Bag in bag

Beutel in Beutel

The bag in bag packaging

To ensure that seeds are adequately protected from light and moisture, we produce the bag in bag packaging. Your seeds are packed in a so-called germ protection inner bag made of ALU/PE. This small bag is then automatically inserted into a larger outer bag made of paper.

This packaging method is especially suitable for very small seed varieties and small seed quantities so that they do not get lost in the outer bag or as protection for sensitive and high value varieties. Germination protection packaging prolongs the germination capacity of your seeds.

Our packaging machines pack your seeds with high-quality technology. We also consider quality assurance extremely important. Our employees are specially trained for this.


We, SeedPack GmbH, are your packaging professionals for seeds. We look forward to your enquiry.

seltec Maschinenbau

seltec Maschinenbau